“Your goodness is running after me”


Jenn Johnson and her songs have had a significant impact on my life. Her honesty and integrity constantly inspire and push me to be a Godly leader. Her worship is always genuine and authentic and you can see that it comes from a place of honest private time with the Lord. She never holds back and she is never afraid to worship in truth. Her and her husband are one of the best examples of a couple in ministry. They lead in grace and authority and every sermon or teaching I hear from them I receive so much wisdom and understanding. Every time I hear them worship, I can just feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit in their voice. My favorite thing that I see in them is that they never compromise and they always stand up for what’s right! They also adopted a baby boy and he is the cutest little bean you’ve ever seen! Jenn continues to inspire me and has blessed me through her ministry!