Must-Have Summer Cami

Summer is here and we are all looking for that perfect summer cami and I have found the perfect one! The lace detail and the material are perfect for a hot summer day! You can pair it with your fave white pants or some white shorts! I got this cami from Francesca's and I immediately fell in love with it. Not only is it super adorable but its ON SALE! 

These pants are a staple for me and they are so comfy. I literally wear them with everything. I get them from Hollister because that's the only place I can find pants that actually fit! Long legs + Tiny waist = Blessing and a curse.

You've all seen a lot of these Steve Madden lookalike heels because they SO PERFECT. They can dress up any outfit but also dress down any outfit. I was looking for these shoes for what felt like forever and found them at target. I'll link the Steve Madden shoes and the lookalikes because I'm the type who loves saying "Yeah, these are Steve Madden shoes," *hair flip.

The purse is also from Francesca's and is my fave because it's GOLD. Everyone needs a gold purse. You NEED one. This one actually has a good amount of room to put all your items in! The chains on the side and the buckle strap allow you to adjust the length, how perfect! I brought this purse a few years ago so I'll link one that is similar

My mom bought me the necklace that I wore with this outfit and I never stop wearing it. It's so delicate and so stylish. +1 mom! It's also really inexpensive. Praise break!

One of my really great friends Meaghan Mayo took these pictures. I call her a wizard because she is so great at everything she does! She's an amazing hairstylist, photographer, worship leader and mother to her super cute Sugar Gliders. She makes every shoot so fun and comfortable! We love to laugh at the people who stare and walk behind out shots. If you want to book or contact her, you can go to her website or her Facebook Page

I hope you guys loved this outfit as much as I did! It's perfect for a summer day or date;)! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter and like my Facebook page! Also, I'd love to hear from you guys! Like and comment on this post so we can talk with each other! xoxo

Stay Daring,

Darling Elise