Tarte Rose Gold Glitter Liner

Two words. GLITTER. LINER. Honestly, if you told me to wear glitter liner a few weeks ago, I probably would have said no. Then, I saw Tarte's new Rose Gold glitter liner. It sparkled and I fell in love. Actually, I fall in love with anything that is Rose Gold...

Once I got home I looked up some ideas about how I could use glitter liner because I've never used it before. I saw an eye look that looked like the one below and I knew that I had to try it.

I have seen makeup artists apply glitter liner and usually the actual glitter flakes would clump up and look really weird but the formula for this liner is from heaven. It's actually two liners in one! One side is a metallic liner and the other side is a glitter liner! In the picture below, I combined the two and put the metallic one on first and then the glitter over top to make it pop more. It's surprisingly really easy to apply and stays ALL DAY. Once the glitter dries it STAYS on, it won't rub off or come off on the top of your eye lid like some liners do. It's a great product and I suggest you get your hands on this because its AMAZING. 

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Let me know what other products you guys would like me try! I love trying out new trends and products and reviewing them for you all! xoxo

Stay daring,

Darling Elise