Nordstrom Try-On

Nordstrom is the place to be guys. Immediately, when you walk in and see the high end designers and the glowing make up counters, your heart starts to pound. My heart pounds more because I remember how much is in my bank account. Never the less, I love to go to their Topshop section. I grabbed a few winners from there and some other places and wanted to do a try on for you all! Click on the images to buy these SUPER CUTE clothes and scroll down to see how they look on me!

If you want to check an item out, just click on the picture! I also included pictures of how these items looked on me!


I LOVE finding all of these cute clothes for you guys and trying them on! Let me know what else you would like to see or anything else you want me to include on my next try-on! xoxo

Stay daring,

Darling Elise