Dress Up Customer Appreciation Day

5 AM and my alarm clock goes off. I'm pulled from my dreams from the familiar ring and instantly remember why I set my alarm for this early. No, I'm not going to workout and No, I'm not going to read my bible (even though I probably should...) I'm going to be one of the first 50 people in line at Dress Up. If you live in the Atlanta area, I'm sure you've heard of Dress Up Boutique since they have 17 locations all over Atlanta and Georgia! They celebrated Customer Appreciation Day by giving the first 50 people there a swag bag with a $50 gift card, 25% off, and other free goodies! Since we live about 3 minutes away my mom and I were able to get there and be the 7th & 8th people in line! 

So, from 5:45 to 10:00 AM we were online looking at clothes to rush in and grab my size in (1 point for mom)! Once the doors opened, it was MADNESS. I REPEAT. MADNESS. I'm talking girls reaching over you and pushing you and taking the shirt you're looking at. No "excuse me's" or "sorry's" NOTHING. I was in awe at how people can be so crazy about getting a shirt in their size. Once I had gotten everything that I wanted to try on I got in the dressing room line. Yes, there was a line. My arms are still sore from holding all of the clothes. 

Finally, once I decided on what to get, we had to wait in the checkout line. Which was a bad idea because they had cookies. Like really good cookies. Like I may have eaten 4 cookies...

Now, as we finished at checkout and was handed the super cute Dress Up bags we strolled out of the store and released a breath that we didn't even know we were holding! 

This outfit I'm wearing is 80% Dress Up, as is my entire closet. The white shirt is one I bought during that crazy day and it's a perfect staple white top for my closet! I love the neck cut out and it's the perfect length!

The jeans I'm wearing are also from Dress Up and I've had them for a long time! They are not selling these exact jeans anymore but I'll link some similar ones below!

The shoes I wore are from Altar'd State and I've had these for a while as well but I have linked some similar ones down below! Altar'd State is having a BOGO half off sale on shoes right now! 

Ladies, this purse is so beautiful! Tory Burch has some stunning purses including this one. It's not too big and not too small. It's looks so great with whatever you wear. If you are looking for a high end versatile purse, this is the one! Click the picture below to buy it!

Michael Kors is the master of rose gold watches and did not fail me with my watch from his collection! This rose gold watch is a staple for me and I love how it dresses up any outfit! Click the  picture below to buy it!

I am LOVING this look! Its so classy and trendy! Let me know what other things you guys want to see! Don't forget to comment and like below and subscribe to my newsletter! xoxo

Stay daring,

Darling Elise