Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette

Guys. When I say that I finally got my hands on this new palette, I'm not kidding. I have been trying to get this palette since CHRISTMAS. I called every Sephora store in Georgia. I was desperate. 

Still...I had no luck finding it. Days turned into months and last week I walked into Sephora just to browse and when I saw the beautiful shimmer from the 24K eyeshadow I almost passed out. I ran and may have pushed a few girls out of the way to get to my baby. 

There she was, the palette I had searched high and low for. There was only ONE. LEFT. I snatched it from its home on the shelf and ran to my mom to show her the treasure I had found. As we went to check-out I held it close to my chest, afraid that some wild woman (someone like me, hehe) would steal my baby away from me.

Once we got to the register I reluctantly put it down on the counter, allowing the woman to ring it up and place it in the sacred, striped Sephora bag. As she added the black tissue paper a single tear left my eye. she handed me the bag. I looked at her with the biggest smile and expectant eyes and grabbed the bag and said a polite "Thank you, dear." and walked out of the Sephora with my treasure.

Once I stepped out of the store I tore into the package and gazed at this palette with love in my eyes. Goodness, I've never seen an eyeshadow palette like this one.

The next day I was able to put it on my eyeballs! The eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented and blend with so much ease! The glitter is a consistency that I've never worked with before but its so beautiful! It looks like you actually put a glitter pigment on your eyes. 

This palette is gorgeous and I highly recommend it for those women out there who love bronzy, orange, and deep burgundy eyeshadows.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first makeup blog! Makeup is a huge passion for me and I love the way it makes me feel when I put it on! Let me know what other products you guys would like me to try out! xoxo

Stay daring,

Darling Elise