I tried the Slip Dress trend

Am I officially cool now? I'm trying all the trends.

When I first saw this trend, I'm not going to lie, I thought it looked ridiculous BUT the whole point of this blog is to be daring and adventurous with your life and fashion. So, I went to Dress Up Boutique and bought the slip dress that they were selling. 

I loved that this came as a two piece so I didn't have to buy the shirt and dress separately! 

The price of this dress is what really makes me happy. I mean $36.99 for a two piece dress? What a steal. The white shirt is COMPLETELY separate from the dress and I love to take it and wear it underneath this blush tank top that I'm definitely posting about later. The actual slip dress is SO SOFT. The length is perfect for how tall I am! Its super difficult for girls with long legs to find dresses but this one was the perfect length.

Now, on to the shoes! My favorite shoe store is and always will be Cathy Jean. I have absolutely no idea why, but apparently Cathy Jean no longer exists:( Guys, I went online and the website was GONE. I may have cried a little...

The shoes I wore with this dress are from Cathy Jean and they have these gorgeous gold buckles and gold tips. They are the perfect ankle boots and I will wear them until the day I die. Unfortunately, they aren't for sale anymore, but don't you worry! I found some super cute ones from Lulus that are ON. SALE. I kind of like the Lulus ones better...

Let me know what other trends you would like to see me try! I'm super excited for this adventure we are all on. I'm still finding my voice through writing and hope you are all loving it! xoxo


Stay daring,

Darling Elise