About Darling elise

Since I was a little girl I would be fearless and daring with what I wore and what I did. I was never afraid. I was told to always be who God created me to be, but at such a young age I didn't know what God called me. Over the years I lost some of that fearlessness and started to try to fit in and be like everyone else, but I knew deep inside that I was chosen, I was set apart, I was brave. Here is the awesome thing. You, yes you, the you who took the time to read this paragraph about why I started this blog, YOU ARE SET APART. YOU ARE CHOSEN. YOU ARE FEARLESS. YOU ARE BRAVE. That is the purpose of my blog. To share with the world my passions for Fashion, Makeup, and Lifestyle and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to share with you the secret that people rarely tell you, because when you read these three words I know that something will rise up in your spirit and a seed will be planted. Read this out aloud. Proclaim this over yourself. 


Yes you are, dear. You are an undaunted Daughter to The King. What a beautiful promise that is. xoxo

Stay daring,

Darling Elise